[Video] How to Reverse-Engineer Your Goals (Even If You Don’t Know Where To Start)

If you know you want to get somewhere and be somebody in this life but you aren’t sure where to start, this is for you.

In this video, I breakdown the advice I give that has served me well – how to reverse-engineer your goals. I even breakdown what to do if you aren’t sure which goal to focus on and how to stick with it once you map it all out.

Here’s The Recap:

  • If you don’t even know where to start:
  • First off, write everything down
    • Start with what’s important to you:
      • What do you care about?
      • What resources do you already have?
      • Do you want to have kids?
        • How much does it cost to raise kids the way you want to?
      • Where do you want to live?
        • How much does it cost to live there?
      • Do you want to travel?
        • What kind of flexibility and income do you need to travel the way you want to?
  • Take your top three ideas or goals that you have in mind and think about what the end-game looks like for each goal:
    • Career-Based Goals
      • What jobs and experience do you have that are unique?
      • What companies are you interested in working in?
        • Set up Google Alerts
      • Find job offers at the top of that field
        • What kind of experience are the looking for?
        • What kind of education?
        • What kind of certifications?
        • What kind of associations?
      • See if there’s anyone at the top of their field who’d be willing to let you ask them questions about how did they get there and what do they wish they knew before they started
    • Business Goals
      • What style of business best fits the lifestyle you designed above?
      • There’s nothing new under the sun, find people who own the types of businesses you want to own
        • How did they get started?
        • What kind of resources did they have?
        • What do they complain about?
        • What kind of team do they have?
        • Did they talk about their journey on a podcast or in a book?
        • Will they answer your questions about their journey?
    • Then most importantly, think about which option is most likely to help you create the lifestyle you want to have?
  • Create a flowchart of milestones you need to achieve to get there, we’re thinking LONG TERM
    • Do not put a timeline on this flowchart. Life happens, it’s all good, WE ARE GOING TO KEEP GOING UNTIL WE ARE DEAD
    • What books do you need to read? People you need to follow? Courses you need to buy? Put everything in your daily path that you need to train your brain that this is what you are doing
    • Where do you need to show up at to meet more people who can help get you where you want to be?
  • Plan how you are going to showcase your value
    • Will you write a blog, write a book, start a YouTube where you interview experts, organize gatherings of other people learning the same thing?
  • Finally, who do you need to be to get these things done?
  • What are you willing and not willing to sacrifice and how does that affect your journey?
  • Then put that flowchart on the wall and let it determine the rest of your life choices.
    • For every choice you make, is it going to bring you closer or further away from that goal?

Hope that helps!

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