[Video] Does Your Brand Really Need a Story?

They say “People don’t buy your product/service, they buy your story”. But what if you don’t have a story? In this 8-minute video, I talk about if you need a story to market your brand and what to do if you can’t come up with one.

Why does YouTube always manage to find a thumbnail of me looking like I smelled something awful?

Here’s The Recap:

  • Sometimes it feels like there isn’t a story. Sometimes you just want to pay your bills and have a little extra leftover at the end of the day. (0:11)
  • A lot of the time, thinking about this kind of stuff is really just a distraction from what you really need to be taking care of in your business. (0:50)
  • Which I totally get because I’VE BEEN THERE. (1:35)
  • If you have a story, then go on right ahead! (2:10)
  • But if you don’t, that’s okay. Sometimes the story doesn’t have to be about you. (2:41)
  • The real story could be why people need what you’re selling. The results you deliver. The relief you give to clients.
  • It doesn’t have to be deep or complex. (4:15)
  • Sometimes the real question is what are you trying to avoid by getting tripped up on this?
  • Not every piece of copy is going to say every little thing about you. All of it works together to tell who you are and what you do. (5:00)
  • Even just being a human being is part of your story and your brand.
  • Could you establish some deep story around your brand? Sure, but you just need to say enough for people to want to learn more. (6:10)

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