How to Know if You’re Being Too Pushy or Salesy [Video]

One of the biggest questions course creators ask copywriters is, “How do I know if I’m being too pushy or salesy vs not being pushy enough?”

So I went live and answered the question in this 7-minute video with three tips on how to avoid being gross when you’re promoting yourself:

Here’s The Recap:

  • We feel weird talking about ourselves, but we LOVE celebrating others (0:30)
  • We also love to buy and we can’t buy what we want unless someone lets us know it’s for sale (0:50)
  • So we can’t serve other people unless they know how we’re able to serve them!!!
  • We need to normalize that it’s okay to self-promote (1:20)
  • Having something to promote actually makes it easier for other people to share about you (1:25)
  • Do you sound skeezy or do you just feel weird talking about yourself? (2:17)

Tip #1: Speak like a normal human talking to a friend (2:50)

  • Speak to one person: the client that needs you the most and serve them
  • #justfuckinghelp_____ (insert name of your client that needs you)

Tip #2: Make sure your content is 80% value/20% promotion (3:51)

  • Notice when you sign up for a webinar, they typically teach for the first 45 minutes and don’t talk about their offer until the last 15 minutes or so
  • But it’s okay because you go so much value, EVEN if you don’t buy the offer

Tip 3: Make sure the offer and benefits are CLEAR (4:45)

  • Give your audience something they can say “YES” to
  • Saying “Just schedule a call with me” is really vague (and people can be put off by not knowing what they’re committing to)
  • If you ask someone if they need “coaching”, the answer is likely NO. But if you ask them if they want to see if you’re a good fit to improve their website copy, you’re more likely to hear YES.
  • Give potential clients a clear idea of what to expect and clear next steps to take
  • What offer is going to compel your audience to stop what they’re doing and give you their money?
  • People hate to be sold but we love to buy!

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